Baltic and Nordic Countries’ Response to the Post-Election 2020 Crisis in Belarus

The outbreak of the post-election crisis in Belarus surprised the international community in Autumn 2020. It was not the first time when clashes between the ruling authorities and protesters over the election results were experienced in Belarus, but this time, the crackdown scale was unprecedented, thus requiring decisive international engagement. Reactions followed through at different speeds and intensities.

In light of this, the Latvian Institute of International Affairs, together with the Baltic and the Nordic colleagues, launches an initiative aimed at assessing foreign policy responses of neighboring Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and regional partners Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland to the post-election 2020 crisis in Belarus.

The project will develop a publication, "Baltic and Nordic Countries' Response to the Post-Election 2020 Crisis in Belarus," screening and comparing measures taken by each country and investigating their implications for bilateral and multilateral cooperation with Belarus, as well as drawing lessons for a more effective response to the future crisis.

The publication will be available in March 2021.

The project is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers' Office in Latvia.

Published 08 February 2021